Twelve people from history that I would not invite to a hypothetical dinner party

Ever. Even if I did have a big enough table.

(And could raise the dead)

  1. Oliver Cromwell (No fun)
  2. Oscar Wilde (Too much fun. No one else would get a word in. Not even me. And Its my bloody party)
  3. Florence Nightingale (do-gooder)
  4. Rasputin (Evil. Also, beard.)
  5. Jesus (No socks. Im not too fussy about the hypothetical dresscode, but I will insist on hypothetical shoes.)
  6. Anton Checkov (Coughs on food, consumptive, beard.)
  7. Ghandi (Nice guy, but makes everyone feel bad about taking second helpings)
  8. Tom Hanks
  9. Leonardo di Vinci (I dont speak any Italian. He only speaks Italian.)
  10. Marquis de Sade (Not at the dinner table, thank you.)
  11. Jack the Ripper (Murderer, probably quite shouty also. Possible beard.)
  12. Lawrence of Arabia(Sandy. Smells of Camel Sweat. No beard, but looks as though he may be thinking of growing one.)