Ten people I would not invite to a hypothetical dinner party, part two

Ten fictional people I would not invite to a hypothetical dinner party.

Not even if I had a big enough table, could cook, and they existed at all.

  1. Jessica Fletcher from Murder she wrote (People die when she comes to your house. Thats not a good party trick.)
  2. James Bond (People blow up when he comes to your house. Thats a pretty good party trick, but he still aint coming).
  3. Hamlet (dour)
  4. Frankensteins Monster (Monster)
  5. Disneys version of Tigger (bouncybouncybouncybouncy. Really fucking annoying. I dont want to end up punching a cartoon tigger. This is supposed to be a dinner party)
  6. Bridget Jones (See Tigger. Plus, whiny)
  7. Jesus Christ (Just covering all my bases, since I put him in the historicals list. Dont want to offend any atheists Also, beard)
  8. Dr Jeckyll/Mr Hyde (Split personalities fuck up seating plans. Also, murderer)
  9. Forrest Gump (Or, in fact, any character portrayed by Mr Hanks)
  10. Flipper (limited conversationalist. Also, removal from water would lead to his death by the middle of the pre-dinner cocktail. Dead Dolphin a general dinner-party-downer. Particularly when youre serving tuna.)