Anna. 40. San Francisco. Brighton before that. San Francisco before that. And Brighton (again) before that. Before Brighton, predictably, London. Formerly living in Glasgow. Before that, on the Isle of Iona. Before that, Derbyshire. Before that, Manchester. Before that, Derbyshire again. Before that, London. Before that, a uterus.

I have a BA and an Mphil in subjects not even slightly related to what I do now (acting, and dramaturgy), and now I write stuff and tell people how to write stuff for varying amounts of money (and here, on this blog, for free). And it’s nice.

From March to September 2002, I made 635 candles. That’s a lot of hot wax.

I look a bit like this. I like email.

Things that I can do

  1. I can put my fist in my mouth.This is of no use to myself or the world in general. I just can.
  2. I can turn cartwheels.badly.
  3. I can play the piano, the flute, the cello, and the recorder.very badly. Ive had between one and six years training in them. most
    of which I can hardly remember. I maybe could bang out Londons burning
    on the recorder for you, but it would probably shatter your teeth.
  4. I can singquite well. Ive only discovered that this year for sure, but I enjoy
    singing and keep being told Im good at it. Which is nice. Apparently
    Id be better at it if I didnt drink so much coffee or smoke so many
    roll-ups, but one has to decide on ones priorities, eh?
    update: I wrote that in 2001. I really, really cant sing anymore. It was magic. Its now gone.
  5. I can writeI think I can anyway. I do alot, anyway. now in this blog, but previously in many
    teenage-angsty journals (God, I Love Him, or do I? etc.) a few
    poems, and a couple of aborted stage-plays, one of which I will go back
    to one of these days, short stories, ridiculous ideas for novels and
    many, many, many e-mails.
  6. I can read.And do. A lot. I devour books, newspapers, magazines, anything. I find
    it hard to sit and just be, I have to be reading something.
    Favourite kind of reading:(This section particularly updated in 2010, as its been a growing enthusiasm in the intervening years) Travel writing, particularly humorous travelogues of places Ive not been to, and old guidebooks about places I know well (its basically time-travel). Authors vary, but Ill write a whole post about it sometime and link to it here.Favourite Authors I can think of; Novels: Murakami, Tibor Fischer, Kurt
    Vonnegut, Ive liked two of Nick Hornbys, and José Saramago Im also fond of. I also like classic crime novels, particularly Edmund Crispin, Margery Allingham and Dorothy L Sayers.

    Short stories: O Henry, Dorothy Parker, Vonnegut again, collected sets of
    various people. I like short stories a lot.

    Plays: Shakespeare, Edward
    Albee, Beckett, Oscar Wilde. I prefer to read them out loud, and dont
    get the chance very often. Thats what Im trained in. Reading plays
    out loud. Acting. Although I dont want to do that now. I guess its
    something I can Do, all the same. Where was I?

    Poetry: e.e.cummings,
    Shakespeare, a lot of the Liverpool school of poets, Roger McGough,
    Brian Patten. John Fuller, Dorothy Parker again.

    One of my favourite poems, for no reason, else but its short

    The reason I like Edna St Vincent Millay
    Is that her name
    sounds like a basketball
    falling down stairs.

    The reason I like Walt Whitman
    Is that his name
    sounds like Edna St Vincent Millay
    falling down stairs.

    I cant remember who wrote it (apparently it was David Mamet), but I love that if you read it out loud,
    it does sound like those things.

  7. I can, entirely, rationalise my hatred of Apples.Theyre loud. And monotonous. And smell.Alright, perhaps I cannot rationalise my hatred of apples.
  8. I can remember all my houses.
    • London, west London, St Quentins Avenue; 0-9
    • London, west London, Barlby Gardens; 9-16
    • Kinder View, Derbyshire, New Mills 16-19
    • Lansdowne Road, Didsbury, Manchester, 19-20
    • Adams Drive, Davis, California, 20-21
    • Burton Road, Manchester, 21-22
    • Something (not my house doesnt count) street, Salford 22-23
    • Back to New Mills, Derbyshire 23 still 23
    • The Abbey, Isle of Iona 23 25
    • Gardner Street, Broomhill, Glasgow 25 26.
    • Ayrsome Road, then Bouverie Road, then Albion Road; Stoke Newington, London; 26 28.
    • Gloucester Passage, then Foundry Street, North Laine, Brighton; 28 31
    • Harrison @ 5th SoMa, San Francisco, 31-32
    • Noe Valley, San Francisco 32-33.
    • Seven Dials, Brighton 33-34.
    • Montpelier, Brighton 34-36.
    • Poets Corner, Hove 36-36.
    • Duboce Triangle, San Francisco 36-now.
  9. I can be organised. And grown up.I just don’t want to be.


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