Five things: Thursday December 19th

  1. Hello. Hello!
  2. As a small handful of people noticed (and I am very glad it wasnt more, I couldnt stand to think there are many still out there, still checking whether Ive written anything, only to find I havent, still) the blog went down for a while weve got it back up, though it still needs a lot of love and quite a bit of rejigging if Im going to continue to have it, which Ive set aside as a task for my beloved and I over the the Christmas holiday. Happy Christmas, darling!
  3. We have moved back to San Francisco, which is nice for lots of reasons, but mainly, obviously, because the background of the blog is finally correct. Which is clearly among the most sane reasons possible to move your family across the world.
  4. Programmes I have watched on American television and immediately feared for the sanity of humanity: Buying nude (in which nudists search for houses to be nude in, in the nude. And Best Funeral EVER which is precisely as tasteful as it sounds.

5. At the age of almost-two, Doozer has just learned to play the harmonica and is busy composing original works. So far he can play The Really Long Song, The Song The Daddy Likes and The Last Song, Seriously, Because It Really Is Teatime Now, and The Harmonica Is Not a Fork.

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