Five things, since im paying for the desk space anyway

I was planning to use this morning for all the things that were NON worky and involved being at home, but then, due to My Beloved having an inconvenient fever (she said, in her most sympathetic voice) I have had to come to use the office space we pay for while Doozer is at creche. On a day when I wasnt planning on doing any worky-work. And, in fact, was determined not to. So. Hello.


1) Meaning to type cheers, I just signed off an email cheese. I didnt notice until it was gone. Maybe they wont notice.



Oh, who am I kidding? Theyll totally notice.

2) Having to had to forcibly refresh my secondary school learning of algebra, and actually teach myself something about grammar for the first time (it was out of fashion in secondary schools in the 1980s, it seems, and my a-levels/degree didnt touch it either, so while I might know it innately, the amount of actual technical terms I could apply to my english could be written on the back of a postage stamp in fat felt tip), I am now having to remind myself of basic principles of physics that I havent looked at since I first learnt them at 13 or 14. This job Im doing at the moment (for an education company) is being very, VERY educational. To me. I have no idea if any of that will be passed on to the intended parties…

3) I like hot weather. I understand it can be unpleasant in the cities, but if you live by the sea, and there is a nice sea breeze, it really is much nicer. This is why everybody, with no exceptions, should live by the sea.

4) Planning a wedding in two months is good, but a little stressful for someone who cannot make decisions without flip-flopping and considering every single option at least 400 times.

5) Smallcat went missing earlier in the week. I was terrified and upset, thinking what could have happened to her having been an indoor cat for almost 6 years, and an outdoor cat for only the last 4 weeks, she is not the most streetwise or clever of kitties. But she came back, strolling in and demanding food like nothing had happened. And we were pleased, and relieved, and delighted. Although, frankly, I might have preferred it if shed left the fleas she brought back with her wherever it was she found them.

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