Back in the world of my personal stereo.

By the way, back in the wonderful world of my personal stereo, we’ve now come to a decision—or rather she has, I have nothing whatsoever to do with the mind or inner workings of this machine, I just supply her insatiable battery habit—a good decision in many ways, that now she will play both sides of the tape with equal verve, without chewing, squealing, or hissy-fitting too much.

Unfortunately, she’s playing both sides of the tape at the same time, one backward, one forward, which I can’t say adds to the listening pleasure much.

However, looking on the positive side of things, listening to a backward/forward mangled remix of favourite albums, is, in a way:

  1. Time saving, and
  2. Great value for money. Two sides for the price of one. That sort of thing.