The dead want me to learn French

Did I mention that while I was in Italy I went to a spirit channeller?
Not sure if thats the correct term. Some one who channels spririts, not like a barman.
Someone who speaks to ghosts.

She was a medium, I suppose.
Well, small to medium, anyway. About 5 foot 4, eight and a half stone, Id reckon.

But thats not the point right now.

I went to a lady who speaks to spirits. And they speak back to her. They say drink me!. Or Id guess thats what they say to her.
Thats what they say to me, anyway.
Especially Gin.

Im going to call them ghosts from now on.

She speaks to ghosts. And they speak back to her. And suprisingly enough, they dont just say Hello! Im a product of an unstablisingly over-emotional mind or/and a ridiculously over-active imagination! How are you?
which is what I would expect them to be saying. But in Italian. They tell her things about the future. And about anyone elses future that happens to be lying around at the time. Like mine, for example.

And they told me about the present. Or rather, they told her, and she told my friend, and my friend translated it and told me. They told me I was somewhat cynical about the whole business.

Which, yes, could have been because they have an incredible knack for reading souls, or could be because I was sitting on the edge of the sofa, staring at the crazy lady and wishing I was somewhere else – a bath full of bees, for example – with a look on my face that said Im nodding and smiling, but inside I think youre insane! Hello? Crazy Lady?

They told me that my future involves being around a lot of children in a french-speaking country. Probably teaching. Im assuming they were skipping over the large chunk of my future that was taken up by learning French.
And the bit that included me suddenly wanting to be a teacher.

But then again, being a cynical wee cow about the whole thing, Im now thinking that teaching is the one thing I will never do. Its not a bad idea, but if I did it, would I only be doing it because she said I was going to? Or did she say I was going to because that is what Im going to do, whether I like it or not? But I hate that. I hate that because I dont know if Im only thinking of that as something I could do because the crazy lady said it was so.

Im a bit lost now.

Or whether Im thinking about it and would have been anyway whether she said it or not. And, besides which, all of this is entirely theoretical, because I dont speak French. And wasnt even thinking about learning French.
Although now I am. Or am I?

Now Im confused again.

So This stuff, interpreted then spoken, then interpreted again, and translated, then spoken again, went on and on and on.
Apparently Ive a few problems with a blocked fourth chakra, but I would imagine a couple of paracetamol, or perhaps laxatives, should at least start to help with that

And my best friend used to be my mother, in a previous life, and my mother used to be my sister and we all lived together in South Africa during some war in which, Oh, I cant remember, but it was all very complex and symbollic, and all of that.

I know I sound a little cynical with this stuff. Because I am. But there is stuff I believe in. Just not this.

And the man in my future, dont get me started.

Tall, dark and fertile.

Thats all Im saying.

Just in case, like.