Beautiful songs of love (and otherwise)

My brain started whirring as I walked this morning. I was listening to music on my phone on shuffle, and it suddenly cut in with a snippet from a film, with one character saying The answer… is NO. and the other replying Well why didnt you just SAY that?

And it made me think, as you do, about how you would reject a marriage proposal by mix tape (or playlist, now, I suppose). Because obviously this would be a perfect last track. I always used to like ending each side of tape with a tiny snippet from a film soundtrack or comedy album or, most often, the muppets, and this would be perfect for the purpose, if the purpose was required.

So. a) hello, and b) If you could make three mixtapes, playlists, whatever,

1) one to propose to someone,

2) one to accept a proposal and

3) one to reject a proposal

what would be on them? I might compile them on spotify later.

NB: This is not a subtle way of introducing the fact I am secretly getting married. We are getting married, it isnt a secret, but also it has nothing to do with mix tapes

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