Wednesday, Wednesday

doo doo, doo do do do…

Actually, now I hear that out loud Im not sure its a song. Not that I do hear it out loud. Even if I wanted to sing something out loud right now, I couldnt. I still have no voice. I open my mouth and vague hisses and peeps and unintelligible whispers emerge.

This is a horrible situation for a shy person. I can just about get through professional and social situations by listening carefully, gauging tone, preparing what I want to say in my head and then saying it out loud at what I believe to be the right point. However, when that process is disrupted by the mouth opening/nothing coming out problem, it all becomes so much worse. Because then everyones staring at you. *shudder*.

So thats been the main identifying factor of the last two days: no voice.


I ate a tiny dried crab. It was horrific. I realise and accept that there are many people in different parts of the world who would replace horrific with a yummy yummy snack (and they are perfectly correct to think so, all ideas of deliciousness and desirability are, of course, dependent on culture and society and etc etc etc) but for the ten minutes after eating it, I would happily have those people committed, en masse, as they are clearly all certifiably insane. It was like I had a crab mausoleum filled with the desiccated remains of tiny crab ancestors in my mouth, and someone had blown it up with a bomb made of a pinch of salt, a little sugar and a whole tablespoon full of OH LORD, THATS DISGUSTING.

Not entirely sure what the precise laws on right-of-way are in New York City, but am becoming pretty clear on the fact that pedestrians come quite a long way down the chain.

Other stuff and oh now, the baby is crying. No more writing for me.