Some monday things

1) My voice is gone.

2) It is alarming how not-weird it feels living and working in this place for a while. Im not sure why that is I think because its a blend of so many other places Ive lived. But I was expecting it to feel more other than it does.

3) It is time for bed. I am alarmed that I have made it past 10pm tonight. That is insanely late for me at the moment. ROCK AND ROLL.

4) Several times today I had to walk across a large brige with subway trains rumbling across it. Having watched rats running along subway tracks all last week, walking underneath tracks does cause fleeting thoughts that maybe, just maybe, there will be rats that were running along those tracks that will have been thrown loose and sent flying through the air by the passing train, bound to land on my head, any second.

5) Today I renewed my dedication to one day writing a choose your own adventure game. Or book. I wanted to when I was 7, now I actually might have a professional excuse to do it. I will. Yes I will.