Friday things. And then Saturday ones too. Friday and Saturday things.


1) It was neither a good, nor a bad sandwich day. It was a mostly neutral sandwich day.

2) I had no idea that there were different types of trains running along the line were staying on until I got on an express train by mistake and ended up several miles from where I wanted to be.

3) Doozer, still under the weather, was enchanted by a merry-go-round today. When he is better, we will go on one. Or just buy him a brightly coloured horse with fixed prosthetic legs and a large kebab skewer running through it that means it can only go up and down as some kind of pet. No wait, now Ive said it out loud, it sounds cruel. It all sounds cruel. BOYCOTT MERRY-GO-ROUNDS.

4) Bobbie got shouted at by some bloke in the street for putting the rubbish out in slightly the wrong place. I have been making up cutting remarks and crippling put-downs for this bloke all day. He had better hope he doesnt run into me any time this week, hell be there for HOURS. No one tangles with my family. Not when Im this short of sleep.

5) Things are happening. Im not sure what they are, but I am very bad, sometimes, at being aware of decisions being made and stuff moving on. So there we are. This is me being aware.

And obtuse.


1) Went for brunch at the house of two good friends and an adorably tiny dog. Friends Ive known for most of the last ten years, through blogging. As ever, I am happy and grateful for the bloggings.

2) Felt comforted and unbearably patronised by a 12-year-old pediatrician, all at once.

3) Hot dogs are a valid dinner.

4) In a park at the end of a nice walk, we found a large man making balloon sculptures for passing families, apparently out of the goodness of his heart, and a talkative stranger with a child named Walker. Walker is a surname.

5) We passed a laundrette with a very long involved sign that read: WHEN YOU COME HERE YOU ARE HAPPY/WHEN YOU LEAVE HERE YOU ARE SATISFIED. Which at first glance seemed like a large claim, but then, they just seemed so confident about saying it, it was hard to believe it wasnt so. Perhaps it is. I will go in and check for you one day.