4/5: Things of Thursday

(As part of this)

1) After a day of fever, Doozer spent half of yesterday and half of today in 24 hours of vomiting, with sleeping inbetween. Except for the night, of course, when he mainly seemed to be awake. There was one part with some projectile vomiting that meant everybody had to change their pyjamas. No exceptions. I have had better nights.

2) He is ok now. Better than that. He is lovely. I missed the transition between sick and well because I was in work though. That was sad. Still. That he is well is all that matters.

3) Working in an office reminds me of things like the rule of lifts that people will space themselves out evenly to occupy space in a lift. If there are two, they will either pick diagonal corners, or opposite ends of the longest wall, if a third person comes in, they will shift into a triangle. Another person enters, theyll moving into a square. I love it.

4) I had a very disappointing sandwich. In some ways, I guess I could blame myself for picking such a poor sandwich, but that seems needlessly self-flagelatory. So I’m just going to blame everyone else. Pull your socks up, Brooklyn.

5) The subway was full of people (men, mainly) carrying flowers of varying levels of fanciness. Some flowerpots full of pink flowers that already looked half-dead, some bouquets of exotic flowers that looked like theyd been grown on mars specifically for this day. It was both happy and sad.

Im going to make these shorter tomorrow.