3/5: Wednesdays things

(As part of this)

1) After a long night of fevers and not much sleep, we took Doozer to a doctor nearby. He wasnt terribly sick, but his temperature had hit the numbers where youre supposed to see a doctor if you can, and besides: were too far from home to not be cautious. He has a cold, and a bit of an ear infection. Were to continue doing the things we were doing and cuddle him just as much as we were already. This cost $100.

2) When given access to a refrigerator of free fizzy pop, the idea of fizzy pop gets boring quite quickly.

3) I ate a biscuit that was peanut butter and curry flavoured. I liked it.

4) On arriving home, I was greeted by a sloppy kiss, tiny arms tightly clinging round my neck and, after a few minutes, my cupped hand full of vomit. Parenthood: its very swings-and-roundabouty. But mainly swingy.

Or roundbouty.

Whichever is the good one.

5) I am starting to pine for a sofa. When I get home, I am going to walk straight up to my sofa, and shake it warmly by the sofa.

There. Done.

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