1+2/5: Monday (which isnt today, it was the day before yesterday) and Tuesday (which isnt today either)

I am stealing a brilliant idea from the lovely Non-Working Monkey that, she admits, she stole from Oprah Winfrey Magazine. Lets just take a moment at this point to judge her quietly for reading Oprah Winfrey magazine.

OK, Im finished judging for now. Are you finished?

Dont worry, I can just wait here until you are…

Right. So. The amazing Non-Working Monkey is writing down five things from every day just five moments that are not particularly good, nor bad, just things that happened, and (according to the aforementioned execrably sentimental magazine) can be a reminder that things are good, or bad, but everything just carries on and life is a mixture of them all.

So, being typically unable to break a set, and wanting to be as neat as possible, i am going to start with five moments from yesterday, and then i can feel freer to continue with five things for the rest of the week.

MONDAY. Moments.

(It is worth mentioning that I am in New York for two weeks working, otherwise this makes considerably less sense.)

  1. Walking though snowbanks and frozen puddles in the pouring, pouring rain, realising that neither my shoes nor my coat were waterproof. They might be showerproof, but the thing I was walking through was not a shower. It was a deluge of water from the sky. It was basically like a New York snow globe filled with very cold water being shaken up by an angry giant.
  2. I managed to get on the subway and ride three stops to the stop nearest to where I live without feeling confused or overwhelmed. Or rather, no more confused than normal, and just my regular level of whelmed.
  3. We ate New York style pizza, in Brooklyn. It was not very good. I think we chose poorly. Never mind. This is always more pizza.
  4. I had a first day working with new people in a new office, and I did not drop coffee on anyone or say anything too offensive. I think.
  5. The floor in the brownstone where we are staying is so uneven I feel like I am drunk. Or on a boat. Or drunk on a boat.

Am I meant to remark on whether this means the day was good or bad. I am going to say mainly good. If a little wet and cold. But what could be a more exciting beginning to the day than walking through a new city getting to be like a local (albeit a local with no umbrella) and see how the other inhabitants deal with the pouring rain? (They mainly deal with them with umbrellas, it turns out. So thats a useful local tip).


1) After only three days, tiny Jetlagged Doozer woke up at 5.30am! Which sounds terrible, but its actually when he usually wakes up at home. Which, now I mention it, also sounds pretty terrible. Whatever, its not great, but its better than waking up raring to go at 1.30am and having to get up for a bit of a play.

2) I remembered things about working in an office, like meeting rooms, and conference calls, and meetings. These were not bad things at all. They were just things.

3) At lunchtime, I got myself an insanely expensive sandwich, walked a block from my current office, and sat on my own looking at a very impressive view. It was nice.


4) The apartment where we are staying has no sofa in the living room. It is times like this that I realise how much I like sofas. I like sofas a lot.

5) Walking the thin line between not-quite-tired-enough and suddenly-way-too-tired, I ended up watching two episodes of sitcoms that I had already seen. That would be a good time to read a book. Or go to bed. I did not do either of those things.

And those were some things, on monday and tuesday.