First (unfinished) thoughts on an idea about disappearing socks

Thoughts being about a childrens book about the adventures of socks when they disappear, this is just to clear the rubbish rhymes that were in my head about it, which are more parent centred

You may well have noticed, since spawning a person
that most things in life remain much alike
But OTHER life things will suddenly worsen
like socks. Tiny socks. And their impulse to hike.

In the middle of night time, when everyones sleeping,
you sometimes may notice a soft, silent creeping
You might rub your eyes and be not quite believing
But yes, it is true: the socks they are leaving.

Not all of the socks, and not all together
That would be too obvious, socks are not silly
But slowly but surely, and quiet as a feather
Theyre running away, their dreams to fulfilly.
(To be fair, theyre not so much running as hopping
but whatever theyre doing, it is clear theyre not stopping).

One sock, a tiny sock, little and red
who previously used to hide under the bed
has got it in mind she should go into space
so thats where shes gone, a big smile on her face
(for those who dont know where a face might be found
on a sock: just follow the sniggering sound)

Another good sock (a BEST sock: with stripes)
has gone far away to swim with oh cripes!
to swim with the SHARKS this brave socklet has scooted!
(in wee scuba mask and one flipper a-booted.)

(etc etc several other verses about the kind of adventures small socks might want to go on,
Im running for president! Im on a yacht! Ive just been arrested for smuggling pot! possible runaway sock sentiments, thought-train to be continued etc etc)