And once more, I post an update saying LOOK! I STILL BLOG! Im TOTALLY going to start blogging properly and in earnest again, just WATCH me! and something happens to make sure that sure as eggs is eggs (and they are. Or is. They ARE is eggs. How does that saying work, anyway?) I cannot and do not blog.

This time, my blog got lice. Evil, terrifying, spam-filled tiny bloglice that meant that whenever people tried to visit my site they got big flashing red signs saying OH NO DONT GO TO THIS SITE IT HAS LICE! RUN AWAY! RUN AWAY!!! RUN AWAY OR YOULL GET THE LURGY! and then many of them (you) contacted me to tell me so. And I didnt get back to many of them (you) because I had literally no idea what was going on and was a bit sad and upset by it all but didnt have any time to try and work it out.

However, we have now worked it out. I think. And fixed it. Of course, Ill say that, and the someone will email immediately and say Oh, by the way, I was just reading something about how your blog was all fixed, and then I noticed my monitor felt itchy, and that there was a little tender rash on the rim of my browser, and then suddenly a BLOGLOUSE scuttled across my screen and frankly I blame you.

And now oh god, I dont know why Im tempting fate like this again NOW, Im totally and utterly and completely back on the blogging thing. Yup. Blogging. Look at me, ma, Im blogging, etc!