NameBookFaceNet. SayStuf.

Let me just note, before we get started, this is not the glorious return to blogging i had planned

I have been meaning, for the worlds longest time (not literally, metaphorically, the worlds longest time is actually a very long time some billion million years or something, and frankly I havent been thinking about this that long. Though I have been thinking about other things for that long. Where I left the nail clippers, for example. Why my almost-six-month-old-son already has a drawer full of single socks with no matching sock to be found anywhere, that kind of thing) to make a list of the fake internet sites that TV shows make up in order not to get in legal trouble with the real internet sites that theyre referencing.

They must have a terrible time thinking up these things. After all, most of the truly awful website names ahve already been taken by real, actual websites, so they need to come up with something utterly and completely terrible before it is unique enough to be unique and safe from legal threats.

These things mainly tend to be in american crime dramas that are ripped from the headlines. And the more that the internet (and social media in particular) features in every kind of crime and every other aspect of life the more they occur, and they worse they get, and the more I love them.

The one that made me think of it tonight:

Friend Agenda a facebook clone site. [CSI: Crime Scene Investigation].

I just wanted to make this place as somewhere that I can add all the others that Ive been meaning to make a note of. FacePlace. YouFace. FaceBranch. Another Youniverse. NameFrame. Vidtrope. FaceUnion. And I will come back and make a note of these properly as soon as I confirm which show theyre from and when they were used. This is mainly a placemarker for that.

In the meantime, hello, and I am coming back to blogging. Or at least thats what the three open windows with various posts about various things tell me. I have been very, very sad about neglecting my boat. And dont even get me started on how I havent changed my backdrop on the blog since I left san francisco. You know what I need? A version of the original 2001 artwork with the big boat towing a little boat. Ill get onto that.