I wish I was blogging more at the moment. I wish that constantly, and fervently. I wish I had just a couple more hours in the evening so I could do things like eat AND start to get back to work AND answer emails and write things people have asked for AND write on this, my muchly beloved blog.

I wish that I was better at netball. Or running. Actually, probably just running, Ive never had an interest in netball, I dont even know why I said that.

I wish wed managed to send out the thank you cards to all our friends and family before the 200 photos we got printed to put in them were 3 months out of date.

I wish I could find the time and perfect words to tell you right now, while its happening how amazing and tiring and frustrating and wonderful and terrifying having a small person to look after is, but those of you who have one already know and those who dont probably dont care. Which is all fine.

I wish unicorns had heatproof horns so you could use them as emergency kebab skewers.

I wish I had responded to all the emails that I have on my REPLY TO THESE LOVELY PEOPLE WHO WERe NICE ENOUGH to EMAIL YOU list. If you are on that list, I cannot apologise enough.

Because apparently, in order to apologise enough, I would have to email you.

Which I am not organised enough to do.

I will though, honest. I might leave the apologising enough bit out though, because that would probably take up more time than just writing the email if I did it.

I wish Id made that last paragraph shorter.

I wish Id bought that other chair before someone else did and I ended up with this one, although this one is also nice so on reflection I retract that.

I wish I wasnt so tired and hungry all the time. More hungry. More tired. More tired. More Hungry. I wish I could be neither, just for a couple of days. that would be very exciting.

I wish world peace, happiness and justice for all etc.

I wish Id got to see that film the other week, but it was only on for one night, and there wasnt any way I could get there.

I wish. Hm. I wish it would stop bloody raining and do something a bit more summery.

I wish oh lots of things.

I wish there werent two other things I told myself I had to write before bedtime tonight so I could write more soon. More copiously. More often. More Right Now.

I wish I wish I wish.