Doozer, realised

After a long time of testing the baby in closed laboratory conditions in an undisclosed location (or a uterus)(or rather my uterus), it suddenly came to light that the baby was ready to be released from its alpha testing phase. So we launched it.

Doozer was born, at home, at 7.21 on the 11th of January. He weighed, at birth, something around 7lb. Maybe 7lb2ish. We dont know for sure, because the last bit of Doozer-launching happened a bit too unexpectedly and quickly for them to send the second midwife out. The second midwife, apparently, is the one in charge of bringing the scales.

This is him about an hour after he was born: [photo]

And this is him the day after by which I mean today with me: [photo]

about 18 hours after he was born.

According to both the midwife and the gp, I do not look like someone who gave birth yesterday. Im not entirely sure what they were expecting: an unwashed panicking harridan dripping blood, but if they were, I at least managed to look, for the duration of those visits, not like that.

This is, I admit, a better picture of me (who youve met before) than Doozer (who you havent), but it does at least show a little of how proud I am of him right now.

Ah yes. And he hasnt quite got a name yet. Not that we were expecting him to fly out of my mimsy with a name badge saying HELLO MY NAME IS …[NAME]… HOW CAN I HELP? (though that would have been useful), just that we have been sitting and calling him by the remaining names on the shortlist trying to decide what suits him best. Maybe tomorrow.

Also tomorrow I may write down what the labour/birth was like. People often write these things down to be helpful and informative to other people. I just want to remember it. I do not think my story will be particularly helpful or informative. It might be rather more sweary and undignified, but frankly, theres only so much you can do with the raw material of persuading a fully formed human being to emerge from a place somewhat smaller than itself.


Doozer arrived.

We are, as should be expected, completely and utterly in love with him.

The midwife and the gp did their home visits today. They in turn said that he was a model of perfection and, whats more, had the most adorable nose ever recorded in medical history.

Or maybe they didnt say that. Whatever, thats certainly what I heard them say, even if they didnt actually say it.

(Im almost 100% they probably did, though)