Pregnadvency Calendar, window 10: Its only bloody christmas already…


That is all.

Doozer has still not arrived (I probably would have mentioned that first, to be honest, before the Christmas thing, sorry Jesus) but appears to have *maybe* (Im not sure) engaged, which means hes moved down my abdomen finally in preparation for arriving at some point. At least, I assume thats whats happened. Some indications say so, the internet (of course) says the opposite, because it is the internet and therefore useless. Well see.

ANYWAY: point is, its Christmas. The last Christmas in a while where we get to lie in as long as we damn well pleased and do very little all day. By next year, there will be one member of the family stumbling around, shouting random syllables and threatening to pull over the tree. And for once it wont be me. A ha ha ha ha ha. Etc.

But that wasnt the point of this post. The point of this post is: Happy Christmas, everyone. Youre all lovely. Thank you for still being here, internet.