Pregnadvent Calendar, window 9: To do list


Known Knowns
– It is December 21rd.
– While I am freelance, and therefore have no maternity leave as such, the people Ive been working for exclusively for most of this year have me until the 23rd December. It would have been longer, but theyre mostly away next week, so Friday it is. Thats two days from now. After that Im officially on a maternity break, which is kind of like being freelance, but with less work, less running after work, and more panicking about when the work will return.
– The baby is due on January 4th.
– If the baby doesnt come for two weeks after that date (so before January 18th), theyll induce labour. So whatever happens, Ill have a baby in the next four weeks.
– I am not scared of labour.
– It is Christmas at the weekend.
– Doozer is not yet engaged (This means his head is not yet settled in the birth position in my pelvis)
– My pelvis bones are coming apart and clicking like crazy.
– If nesting means obsessively cleaning out cupboards, then I am not yet nesting.
– The weather isnt very nice.
– We have still not decided on a name. We have a shortlist of three, though, so were getting there. The decision can wait until we meet Doozer.
– Doozer is not on the shortlist.

Known Unknowns
– I am now 38 weeks, which is officially full term. I could have given birth at home from last week, but from now until four weeks from now, I could give birth any time and it would be considered full term.
(Honestly, they tell you at the beginning that pregnancy is 40 weeks long, and you mentally process that and work things out, and then, as the time approaches, they suddenly say Yeah: OR 38 weeks… Or 42. I mean, whatever, right? THIS IS SHONKY BEHAVIOUR.)
– While Doozer is due on January 4th, I have actually decided he should come next week. The 29th. Thats a nice date. Its a nice number. Its a prime. I also like 11 as a year. Thats also a good number. 2011 is also a prime.
– Doozer could engage any time between now and the beginning of labour. For some people it happens in their 36th week, for others, it happens as labour begins.
– I do not know what will happen when I am not working and not having anything to do but wait. Although I hope it will involve finishing this pregnadvency calendar.
– I do not know when I will start taking work on again, though at the moment am planning for early February. (Dont say anything. Trust me, I have had to be talked down from the second week of January. The panic is strong in this one). I dont know how that will be.
– There are known ways of inducing labour and encouraging it naturally to start. It is unknown how well they will work if Doozer doesnt feel like coming out anyway. It is also unknown how much we want to talk about those ways.
– I know, technically, how labour happens and how it all begins. Ive read a lot, and been to classes, although everything Ive learnt keeps slipping out of my head. Regardless, I have no idea what the physical sensation will be like, and how Ill know when its starting.
– I am not scared of labour. Im scared of not knowing whether Im going into labour or not.
– True fact: waters breaking – like you see in films and on tv, is not generally the first sign of labour. The majority of the time is happens during the process, when labours well established. I cant believe that sitcoms lied to me about this.
I am not very good with not knowing things.
So if Doozer is reading this (I know he can hear, so I will read this bit out loud just in case he cant see through my eyes): the 29th. The 29th is a very good date to be born.

The unknown unknowns
– I dont know what these are.