Pregnadvent Calendar, window 8; STUFF

This is more of an actual asking for advice than anything else.

I know, unusual. Usually Im all: I dont want your advice, I will do it MYSELF, thank you. I am stubborn and annoying like that. But the fact is that:

a) I like you and trust you, youre nice people. And most of you seem eminently sensible. And even those that dont seem eminently sensible are nice, and probably know something useful.

b) The amount of STUFF out there is quite, quite dizzying. The amount of recommendations and anti-recommendations and suggestions and condemnations and such are brain-melting.

c) People know stuff that I dont know. It is not a terrible thing to ask for help or advice every now and again.

So here I am, asking a question. If you have had a baby, or know people who have who have passed on essential advice to you regarding stuff, please pass that on. Tell me, if there was ONE THING (or maybe a couple of things, but lets not go insane) that you are really glad that you had, or were given, or handed-down, or shoplifted, or whatever, can you tell me what it was?

A toy? A book? A book for you? A book for them? A decoration? A piece of practical equipment? An item of clothing? A thing?

Let me know, and if I can find it somewhere – if you have a link to the thing you mean all the brillianter – and I will put it on my wishlist thing: (Which is here, by the way. Just saying, like…) and hopefully get it at some point.

(Please bear in mind that if you look at the wishlist thing, it represents other things that I have been recommended, or that I intend to buy at some point in the near future, not the sum total of everything I already have. We already have quite a LOT of stuff, bought, given and handed down, but Im sure well cover that in the comments…)

So yes. Please help and advise me, people who know more than I do: if there is one THING that one should go into parenthood having, or just one one thing that you or someone close to you is grateful for having at the time, what was that thing?