Pregnadvent Calendar, window 6: Science and the single toenail

[I continue to be completely brilliant at deciding to do blog series of things while also having lots of work to do: in this case, the rush of work that will take me up to Christmas and then disappear for what I assume I should call a ‘maternity break’ (meaning a space of time in which no money appears, before I panic about that and start working again as soon as I can). Never mind. I will catch up with my little blog series thing over the next few days. They are all planned out in my head anyway]

The week after I discovered I was pregnant, I had a manicure and pedicure.

I was around six weeks pregnant at the time.

This is not, in itself, an interesting story. I mean, its quite a nice story, I was in San Francisco, I had it done with my friend R, who I was dying to tell but couldnt, and I had never in my life had a mani-pedi before, so it was all nice story, but not, in itself, interesting.

However, heres the interesting bit: I have not had a pedicure since.

Ok, I admit that, in itself, this is also not very interesting.

HOWEVER: not having a pedicure since, I havent taken the polish off one of my toenails, either. On my big toe. And therefore, I know this…

My big toenail on my left foot is, when cut very short, 13mm long. It was painted when I was about six weeks pregnant, and, at time of writing, when I am 37 weeks pregnant (officially full-term enough to have the baby at home) there are still a full 3mm of nail polish left at the top of the nail.

THEREFORE: It takes longer to grow one entire adult toenail than it takes to grow an entire new human.

There ygo.


A little icky and certainly slatternly for scientific research, I admit, but I dont care. It is SCIENCE.

Youre welcome.