December 5th: Nothing to do with the Pregnants at all

In fact, just a story that I found in an old schoolbook that My Little Mother brought to our family pre-Christmas weekend last week. It has nothing at all to do with being pregnant, I just wanted to post it.

This is a story I wrote when I was about 6, as far as I can gather. It raises some interesting points.


One beautiful day I was walking by the sea in May 12th and this viking walked by and I said Stop who are you! and he said I am a viking. How do you do I said and a little rabbit said he is a viking and vikings are bad So he is bad. So next day I went down with a little sword to kill him. First I got a little sword and then I killed him. The End.

1) Firstly, you will have noticed that tiny Anna is not shy about killing people.

2) Those of you who have been around a while might recognise that this is not a one-off. Six-year-old Anna was apparently quite gung-ho. Usually in the case of justifiable political assassination, but also, as we see here, random slayings on the say-so of small rabbits.

3) I think more questions should be asked about the presence of the rabbit in this whole story. Clearly this was not merely an innocent bystanding role. Little Anna was perfectly happy to make the acquaintance of the Viking before the small rabbit got involved. So the small rabbit was the agitator in this situation. Im not accusing the rabbit of anything, Im just saying that if it came to court, there could be a case made that the Rabbit had some kind of problem with vikings and that little Anna was merely the weapon in this grudge match. Just saying.

4) I wish any Viking readers to know that while I may have been swayable to anti-viking sentiment of small rabbits, but I am now as accepting of Viking readers as I am of all other readers.

5) For the record, May 12th is my birthday. So it was a particularly good time to go walking by the sea on. I mean in.

6) I think someone should look into the little sword laws. Theyre clearly too easy to get hold of for 6-year-old girls.

Other than that, I am very proud of this story.

Apart from the rabid anti-Viking sentiment, and the blind trust placed in small agitator rabbits, I think I am a very strong, proactive character in this story. Unlike another story that I found in the same stack of books, but I will save that for a separate post.

Vikings, my apologies. And on behalf of my six-year-old self: you might want to watch your back. The rabbits are after you.