Advent Calendar of a Pregnant, 4th Window: Cravings and such

(I am writing down all the things about pregnancy I wish to remember while I remember to do so. And because they might prove useful, or interesting someday. Or at least funny. Any one of those three would be fine.)

I have not had any cravings, I dont think. Not good ones.

This has been a matter of some disappointment to me. It had always seemed like one of the perks of pregnancy: that you could suddenly demand doughnuts at 2am and someone HAD to get them for you, or you could dine exclusively on pickled gerkins and no one would stop you, because it would be because you were pregnant, and therefore your body was telling you what it needed, and it would be terrible not to pay proper attention to your body.

But no.

None of this.

Of course, mainly this could be put down to the fact that I eat like a crazy person anyway. I admit I wouldnt notice a sudden desire for cheese and marmalade and marmite sandwiches if thats what I usually have for breakfast anyway. When I was doing my masters degree I once put myself on a pickled onion diet, in the belief that if, every time I wanted a snack, I could only have a pickled onion (which I didnt particularly like), it would help me stop snacking so help me lose weight and be cheaper. I just ended up liking pickled onions a lot.

These are the weird food things I can report have happened in pregnancy:

– I went off coffee. During my first trimester. It wasnt that it made me sick, or the smell of it repulsed me, I just couldnt remember why I ever liking it in the first place. Which is frankly remarkable. It was the first time since being a teenager that I didnt lust after the smell or the taste of coffee. On the contrary, I just had no idea why I would want it.

(I still wanted caffeine, dont get me wrong. I did very good research into the amount of caffeinated fizzy drinks I could have in a day. A girl has her needs)

– I wanted melon. Squares of honeydew melon (which I generally find to be a forgettable fruit) particularly. For pudding. Or just, frankly, any time at all. Again, only for the first few months of pregnancy.

– I think wanted stewed apple. I made large vats of it for a few weeks in a row. Like apple crumble but without the crumble. If this was a craving, it was a very good one. Although frankly I could have done with someone else making it. I *still* didnt get to demand special 3am service (or doughnuts) just for being pregnant. Whinge. Moan. Grump.

– Thats it. Apart from a markedly sweeter tooth than ever before.

– No pickles. Or rather, no more pickles than usual.

But then… and if its worth saying once, its worth saying a thousand times, because apparently it never stops being true – making banging on about pregnancy completely pointless (and being pregnant without knowing anything about what its like to be pregnant utterly, totally mystifying) – every pregnancy is different. Some people have lots of fun cravings during pregnancy. Other people get to eat cheese and jam sandwiches for the other 34 years of their life.

Frankly, Im now feeling sorry for the cravinggy ones.