It is raining in Vancouver

And I feel comfortable informing of you of that, because I am in Vancouver, watching it rain.

It has been raining for most of the day. It likes to rain in Vancouver. Occasionally, it will stop raining, and the sun will suddenly burst through the clouds and bathe the whole city, and the ocean and the mountains around it in bright, eye-bursting sunshine.

And then ten minutes later the rain starts again. But the intervening sunny bits are extremely impressive. To be fair, the bits with rain arent bad, either. Especially as it is Sunday, and I still firmly believe that at least one day of every weekend should be rainy by law (unless I am camping).

Anyway. Yes. I do realise that the last thing you heard, I was in hospital, about to be discharged, and then I went quiet. Some may say deathly quiet.

This may not have been the least worrying course of action, I admit.

But things are as they are. That was the way it was. There was a week filled with packing and working and keeping a close eye on my midriff just to make double, triple sure that whatever had put me hospital didnt come back. It didnt. I am fine. Fine and in Vancouver.

I am mostly mentioning this so that when I start my next few posts: Things I have seen in Vancouver, it will not surprise you, or make you wonder whether you have wandered into some kind of loop in the archives. No, its just where I am. Now, and for the next six weeks-ish (at which point I have to go home or soon risk becoming a big pregnant no-fly zone)

So that is that.

Hello! How are you?