The increasing earnestness of spam-commenters

In order to slip through spam filters and moderation checks, spam commenters have, of late, taken a turn for the decidedly earnest.

I see them, as the occasional one falls through a gap in the net and into my inbox.

Sometimes they are long and involved, making some passing reference to a word or two in the post above them, and then linking the commenters name brazenly to some dreadful product or service.

Other times they are short and complimentary, in the hope that the owner of the site will approve them because they are kind about the post, and not notice that they are linking back to some dreadful kind of pharmaceutical porn.

Sadly for the Spammers of Spammy Spamspam Ltd, I do always notice. I would, however, like to take the opportunity for posting such a glowing piece of complimentary comment as this:

Merely want to say that this is invaluable, and moving. I found this very important. Thanks for taking your time to write this.

Which was very, very nice of them to say.

And particularly as it was on a post called Flappy flappy fish-hand.
Which is many things, but invaluable, moving, or important, it is not.