7/10: The unwritables

There comes a moment in blogging, I think, where you decide what you will and wont write about, for fear of hurting peoples feelings, boring people, general courtesy, fears of professional hopes being dashed, that sort of thing.

I apologise therefore, that you havent heard very much about:

1) My relationship, in gritty (or soppy) detail, anyway. But Its going very well, thank you. Or I should bloody well hope so, as weve been living together and muchly in love for about eight years now.

2) Periods. To be fair, I never decided not to write about periods, I have just never found them to be an uncontainable fount of hilarious writing material.

3) My cats. Admittedly I have written *some* about my cats, and probably would write more, except for the fact that every single time someone leaves a comment commanding I write more about my cats, it immediately cancels at least three future posts on the topic of my cats. What can I say? Im very stubborn.

4) The work I do, and the work I might be hoping to do, and the reasons I dont do some bits of work any more.

5) My family. Those that want people to know about them have blogs of their own, the rest, I refuse to tell stories about that might embarrass them. Which is a shame, lets face it, because those are by FAR the best kind of stories. This does not count for the family In My House, for the record. But since that only includes me and My Beloved at present, and the cats, were back to 1) and 3) again.

Same goes for friends.

6) My weight. Holy hell, I have gained and lost and gained and lost and gained and lost a goodly number of pounds while writing this blog. And I should have written about it. BUT: the personal nature of it and the fact that its a really nice thing for trolls to hang on to if theyre trying to find the point of abuse that will upset you the most, and the fact that Im always scared that the very moment I mention it is the moment Ill mysteriously gain 300lb, hold me back. This is foolish, but then, so is letting mean people on the internet.

7) Money. Or large purposes, or where I live exactly, with notes on which windows are e idiot PR emails coming? No. Not even slightly.

8) Sponsored posts, PR events, and things that people have offered to pay me to write about on my blog. Never. Never have I done this. But does this stop the idiot PR emails coming? No. Not even slightly.

9) The things I forget.

Theres no reason for this. I just forget. I am TOTALLY going to get better at remembering in the next ten years of this blog.

10) Bad stuff. Apart from SAD, and anxieties, and other depressionny-things, which is a returning, constant thread running through this blog, I dont really like to be the bad news bear. I dont deal well with sympathy, and I dont like asking for support, or help, so am very, very good at re-framing things until they look not only like a flood of good fortune, but like nothing bad has ever happened to me – or to us – ever.

(Thats unlikely to change, its just me. But I do want to get better about writing about all manner of things. I always do).

And you know other stuff.

…That Im not mentioning.

I dont know how other people decide. What they decide is off-limits, and what they decide is fine to write about. I dont know how other people draw the line. Through the last ten years, drawing lines against things and blocking off parts of my life I dont feel right writing about, I think Ive mainly been happy, but Ive also become very cautious (for many good reasons) and conservative. And I dont like that at all. So I want to start taking down some of those walls, again. I just have to remember how to do that.