Ten years ago today, or maybe yesterday, or possibly tomorrow, depending on what day it is (youll have to excuse me, I have a spot of summer cold), I started my blog, this Little Red Boat thing you are reading by some means.

I was living and working on a small island off the left coast of Scotland, and I have been and done a bunch of really random, wonderful, difficult, good, bad and unmentionable stuff in the meantime.

This may not be a complete catalogue of every single thing done in that time, but to me, its the thread the runs all the way through, and the reason that so many of those things happened. Without this blog, I have no idea what Id be doing right now.

But I know this for sure: I wouldnt be sitting here, in my pretty little (rented, natch) house, looking forward to getting back into doing the work that I do tomorrow morning, with two transcontinental cats sitting on my feet, my beloved sitting across the room from me. And, quite unexpectedly, expecting one of those baby things. I am grateful to my blog for all these things.

And no, Im not suggesting that blogging can make you pregnant.

Although, in a funny kind of way, you know? It can. But thats not my point.

My point is that I have been blogging for ten years.

And I am glad.

Happy birthday, my dear little Sinky, oh Little Red Boat mine.