5/10: Something new every day

The plan was – when I thought about it, several months ago, in a vague fug of nostalgia – that I would make a big hoo-ha of reaching the tenth anniversary of my dear little blog. And that I would write lots of things in the weeks leading up to it that would reflect and examine the happy bits and the important things that have happened over the last ten years, with lots of links to past posts, and everything.

Inevitably, this has ended up in me trying to think of ten lists of ten things to mark my ten years of blogging, the night before the anniversary actually falls. But I WILL do it.

Even if the plain truth is that Im really short of ideas for these lists, too, although there are plenty of things to write about in general (and more of that later), Im finding it hard to think of different lists of things that have happened over the last ten years that I can rattle out quickly and dont make me sound like too much of a self-obsessed braggart.

Well, no more so than having a blog in the first place does, anyway.

Anyway, dont be surprised if, by the time I reach list number eight, its something like A list of ten of my favourite numbers between one and ten in the last ten years, in no particular order

Ten Things I Know Now, After Ten Years Of Writing My Blog, That I Didnt Know When I Started Writing It.

1) How to work our DVD player. You either have to lift the tray, or bop it on the top when it starts making that dreadful NURRRRRGGGGGRGGRGRGGGGRGGGGHHHH noise. There you go. Now you know too.

2) The ways of the internet. And how to harness the loveliness of it.

3) How to make custard. Oh. And the fact that you can freeze both egg yolks and egg whites if you seperate them and beat them a tiny bit first. But those two things are related, so I wont separate them out. [edit: ha ha ha ha. “separate them”. I didn’t mean that as a joke [edit-edit: goos thing, it’s not very funny…] I meant the custard and the egg facts, but…, oh, never mind.]

4) Very basic HTML. Very, very basic. So very basic.

5) How to touch-type.

6) The capitals of all the US states. You just might have to give me some time to remember them. Some time and some prompting. And maybe some hints.

7) Layouts of ikea stores in at least five different cities. Not especially proud of this.

8) How to drive on the other side of the road (I havent passed my test on either side of the road yet).

9) What an emoticon is.

10) The correct way to iron and fold a shirt. I just dont DO it.