4/10: Blogs I could have written

If I hadnt been doing this blog already, if I HADNT been writing this here blog about nothing at all under my very own name (and no other, no hiding, no pretending Im not me after all) then there are at least ten anonymous blogs I would like to have written.

Which are…

Ten things Im not about to list. Because it would suggest I know enough scurrilous things about them, and frankly, that would be almost as bad as writing ten scurrilous blogs about them, and then being found out and that being a big palaver. And frankly, Im not that attention-hungry or stupid. Or both.

I have written at least ten other blogs WHILE writing this blog, of course, covering such topics as Christmas, Telly, Being a Lady, Things, Stuff and Other, but that wasnt the point of this list.

Then again, neither was the list. The list wasnt the point of this post either. Or rather it was the point, but then it wasnt a list. So the list that wasnt was the point.

Im going to go and write another post. Im getting a little tired, I think.