3/10 Master of Nuns

I have never been a master of nuns.

I have, however, held several different jobs during my (very almost) ten years of having this blog. Yes. If you havent noticed, Im making ten lists of ten things before that anniversary comes along. I am, however, running out time. Because its tomorrow. Never mind, I mean, its not like I had any plans for tonight.


In no particular order (apart from the order that they happened, which, now I think of it, should probably be considered an order of sorts) I have been:

1) A craft worker on a small Scottish Island, helping children (and big children) paint rocks and make candles.

2) Student. This obviously isnt a job. I do understand, its more commonly perceived as an anti-job, as a matter of fact. But still, if there is a better way to study how to become a Dramaturg (and to subsequently not become one) I do not know what it is.

3) Front of house staff at a theatre.

4) A barkeep. At a theatre. The same theatre as in 3), that is. It wasnt the first time I had done these jobs, but it was the only time in these ten years that I didem. So there.

5) Gopher at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. Sadly, this does not mean I got to be an actual cute little sandy-coloured rodent, it means I got to run around going to see between six and ten of the smaller, more unknown and less-likely-to-be-good plays at the festival every day to see if there were any diamonds in the rough that were even vaguely worth the REAL theatre critics going to see. Also: grocery shopping for said critics first thing in the morning before any of them awoke. They eat a lot of soft fruit and tortellini, and run out of toilet paper often, for the record.

6) Tour Guide at the Science Museum, London. To be fair I did this for less than a day. I was there long enough to fail to learn the guided tour route, and then I got an offer of another, less confusing, temp job.

7) Production person on a newspaper website. This meant I helped build pages, construct whole new sections for new kinds of newses and features, help editorial people talk to technical people and try to put crosswords online and get them double-, triple-, quadruple-checked to make sure there were no typos. Thanks to the mysteries of our system, there were almost always typos. It was MAGIC, that system. I worked with some of the loveliest people Im lucky still to know, at that point.

8) Journalisty person and TV writer at a newspaper. For a bit.

9) Pretending to be a cat, on the internet, part time. For the purposes of selling dairy products. If nothing else, in years to come I hope this will prove a comedy high point in my memoirs. Or my CV. Or both.

10) Writing words for a marvellous game. This is mainly what Im doing at the moment (in a freelance way) in fact. It is a very good game. And I love working on it very much.

There are good things about all of these jobs. Apart from the one that I only did for a day. By which I mean, Im sure thats a very nice job, but I only did it for a day, so I cant really speak for or against it. Still, though, I am pretty impressed that it managed to make a neat little list of ten.

And, if I was to go through it, more slowly and carefully, I could join the dots and plot the route that took me from craft worker and candle-maker to computer game writer and pretend cat, but I wont. Because its more fun not to. And it suffices to say: this blog is the thread that runs all the way through that career path. And I am so grateful for it I sometimes think I might explode.