This is the bigger of our two cats (known variously as Squirrel, Squig, Squiddles, and very occasionally by her formal name, Sir Ian McKellan) demonstrating how good she is at hiding.


She is, Im sure you will agree, a veritable ninja.

It is the small bump displaying the location of her nose that really gets me.

Speaking of ninjas, I was delighted by this story last week from a newspaper in Texas:

Sunland Park police are keeping an eye out for a ninja prowling around a neighborhood in the middle of the night.

At 3 a.m. Thursday, a woman and her husband were awakened by dogs barking in the Edgemont neighborhood, said the womans father, Alan Turnello. The couple saw a man in a black ninja costume in their front yard holding a sword. When the husband went outside to confront him, the ninja vanished.

The ninja didnt say anything, Turnello said. He ran off attempting to hide behind things that were too small for him to hide behind. He (Turnellos son-in-law) doesnt know if this guy is crazy or maybe he really thinks he is a ninja.

Sunland Park city spokesman Arturo Alba said police responded to the call of a suspicious person but were unable to find the prowler.

And while I am not underestimating the scariness of someone waving a sword around in ones front garden, it is, in particular it is the sentence He ran off attempting to hide behind things that were too small for him to hide behind that I am in love with. Just for the mental images it conjures.

I think perhaps the terrible ninja and my biggest cat should play hide and seek. I think I would pay to watch that.