In July the sun is hot. Is it shining? No, its not.

But we had those lovely couple of weeks of sunshine in April! people keep saying, like that is supposed to excuse the fact that heavy big grey meanbastard clouds have been merrily pissing miserable rains all over what was meant to be my summer.

Of course, I should know how this works by now. Seasons are not seasons. All that there is is a succession of days that are sometimes sunny, sometimes clear and scorching, and mainly grey and rainy and wet and coldish. And when the days that are appropriate for whatever that season is MEANT to be come along, people say Yes, here it is, we have been expecting this to happen all along, and when the other days come instead, they say Whats THIS?!? and then say Oh, this is what it is ALWAYS like and we said it was going to be like this anyway, its not like we expected any different.. And they are very annoying.

Most annoying, though, is the rain. And the clouds. And the coldness when you know that, in a few months, cold is all there will be anyway. So I wish to make an official complaint.

Its not the post I meant to write today, but the weather. The weather made me do it:

Dear Clouds.

Stop it, and go away.