It was hot, so I bought some lemonade.

And then put some lemon squash into it. This made it Lemonemonade.

I considered putting a slice of lemon into it, which would conceivably have made it into Lemonemonemonade, but that seemed a bit too lemonny.

My Beloved, discovering that I had invented Lemonemonade and ALMOST invented Lemonemonemonade, suggested we could put some small, coloured chocolate sweets in a hard candy shell in the new drink for a little novelty as well as the slice of fresh fruit, thus creating the worlds first Lemonemonemonmmade, but we both decided that that would just be silly, and that anyone who did that probably needed help.

Luckily, if someone DID try that, and demonstrated they needed help, we decided we would throw a benefit for them. It would be called Lemonemonemonmmade Aid.

It has been a very productive evening.