A funny thing happened on the way to the bloggiseum

Yes! Its a new post on Little Red Boat! Complete with an ALL NEW LIST OF EXCUSES for why there hasnt been a post on little.red.boat for ages!

Honestly, its worth turning up here occasionally just to see what new excuses for not writing things Ive managed to come up with recently.

This time my excuses are good, though.

1) The age-old moving house excuse
Because yes, I moved house. Again. Making this, the house that weve moved into, the ninth house that My Beloved and I have lived in together in our eight years of cohabiting. Were really, really good at moving. But also quite bored of it. We might stop for a small while though now (depending on whether anything exciting comes up obviously… but no. No. Now we are stopping for a while. Shhh, Anna…)
I meant to write my top tips for moving house AGAIN here on my little red boat, though. I just didnt have time. Due to, you know, the packing.

2) As soon as we actually moved house, my laptop died
Literally – well, not literally As soon as, rather Two days after we actually moved and after half a day of actual real work, but die it did.
One minute I was working on something I was planning on delivering to the people I work for that very evening… the next, the computer claimed not to remember having a hard drive (I can assure you, it did…), flashed a large terrifying question mark at me, and promptly died. This was quite stressful.

3) It then went on being dead for about five days
Which continued being quite stressful. Especially as the people who were meant to be fixing it (for free, please applaud now for us remembering to take out an extended warrantee thing for once) kept saying Oh yes, it should be very easy, we should be able to do it for tomorrow first thing… when they really meant …Or possibly the day after. No idea really. Could be ANY time. Who are you again? Which meant I kept contacting clients and telling them that I was going to be totally back at work the next day, only to have to retract it over and over again. This was also stressful.

4) And then I got my computer back
And the rest of my week has been about catching up on all the missed hours of work LAST week, and doing everything I meant to do this week as well.

5) There are some other things going on
But they are not very interesting. BUT…

6) I am kind of caught up now
As much as I ever am. And so I am back.

Properly back.
After all, I cant celebrate my blogs tenth birthday in a couple of months if I dont actually appear to be properly blogging anymore, can I?

No. No I cant. Prepare to be BLOGGED AT. Serious.