I went on holiday

That was where I disappeared to.

I honestly wonder if anyone cares when I make these excuses, anymore, but, while I still feel bad for not updating my blog, I will continue to apologise like someone cares. Because I do, after all. Both care, and keep disappearing, that is.

Anyway. I went on holiday. It was both a) A very good holiday (in that I went to places that I love and saw people that I love, and did things that I like very much) and b) a terrible holiday, in that I proved how appalling I have become at the concept of a holiday by guaranteeing myself at least two hours of work every morning, and two solid days of other-work right in the middle.

However. It was mainly a).
And therefore a Good Thing.

I will tell you more about it in short other posts about short, other things that I found and saw and did, as I remember them.