Suicide is drainless

This is how my brain works:

On the last night of my holiday, I was in the kitchen of our vacation apartment, pouring a couple of glasses of wine for me and my companion. I noticed, while doing this, that there were two towels folded neatly and placed in front of the washing machine.

My second thought was Ah. Those are the beach towels. My considerate friend has left them there so that the owner of the vacation apartment can launder them.

However, this came some distance behind my first thought, which was (and get ready for this, because its a blinder) … ahem:

Oh no. My friend is so bored of my company she has been attempting to drown herself. These towels are surely evidence to the fact she has been attempting to do herself in by sticking her head in the washing machine.

This thought troubled me for a good few minutes before tiny beasts of common sense managed to get the very tip of the tiniest claw into the corner of my illogical chaos of a brain.

I mean, Im not saying it hadnt crossed her mind. But Im not sure its actually possible. How would you shut the door properly?