Notes schmotes

See?! No sooner do I promise that I will try to write more, and in a more structure weekly note way, I disappear off the face of the earth and you dont hear from me for two weeks or more.

And Im not about to change that right now.

Well, I mean, I *am*, but also am not. Im not going to write something long and considered, because its Sunday Night, and Im lying in bed with my computer trying to delay the fact that once I put it down and turn the light off, the next thing Ill see is Monday morning (and who has EVER wanted that?).

Im just going to break my silly mental block of not posting on this blog when I havent got time to write something long and involved. Because frankly, when has that stopped me in the last nine and three-quarter years? Hm? Never. Never is when.

So let me think of a thing that I can tell you. Nothing about work, annoyingly. Honestly, Ive been doing the kind of job that I used to consider taking for the SOLE PURPOSE of blogging about it – but now that I do it, discover that I cant blog about it at all – any of it – for fear of undermining it, saying something wrong and making the money go away. Which would be non-optimal. It would be bad. Especially for someone who got a surprise bill from the student loans people last week. I could have sworn Id paid it off, but no, apparently I still owed them twenty quid. Plus £794 in interest for that twenty quid over a couple of years of them not being able to find me.

University, kids: just say no.

What else can I tell you? Ive recently considered changing the cats names back to their original (and still full official names, for me and My Beloved, anyway). Its weird. We couldnt have known how much like Dame Judy Dench and Sir Ian McKellan they were going to turn out to be, but they still are. Very, VERY like their namesakes. It seems wrong, then, not to refer to them by these proper names.

But I dont want to confuse the blighters. Especially with their having turned out to be girls in the meantime (not that that gets in the way of the comparison. Theyre still so very very like).

And look at that. Ive managed to procrastinate a whole other half hour.

Bad anna.

And with that: to bed. I will write more this week. I will.