Is it still winter?…

…I hadnt noticed.

Thats not true. I had noticed. I keep waking up and hoping against hope that maybe, this time, I will stick my leg out of the bed and find it to be balmy and warm. Or at least not claggy and frozen.

It is almost always the latter.

The freezing fog outside the window should be a clue, I suppose. But Im not that bright.

Anyway: I would like, if it is at all possible, for whoever is hiding the spring, to return it, forthwith.

I can look the other way while you do it.

I dont care where youve been keeping it. Maybe under the bed? Perhaps in your kitchen cupboard (the little one, next to the cooker) so you can open the door and get a bit of sun in your face and the whiff of new leaves. Maybe in a little biscuit tin on your desk at work.

Wherever youre stashing it, please – Ill look the over here, and when I turn back, you will have handed over Spring, and Spring will be EVERYWHERE, correct?

Ill give you till the morning. The morning tomorrow.

Unless youre reading this tomorrow, in which case youve got five minutes.

Thank you.