Why does the pope shit in the woods? Because he JUST DOES.

As a comment on this post, Becky Mochaface asked Why is this Epic 3 Wolf shirt so magical and awesome? as a question for me to answer. THAT shirt. The one with three baying wolves, howling at the moon. Brightly, almost luminously against a black cotton background. Howling at the moon, are they? Or howling for some long lost member of the pack? Who knows. All that is known is that ON the t-shirt, they do howl. Or bay. Bay like no wolf has ever bayed before. ON A T-SHIRT. And it is the topic of this splendiferous item of that Becky Mochaface chose to test me. Well, its just too easy, Im afraid. I aint no fool. I know the answer to the question of Why This Particular Shirt is so very awesome.

Because it is, Becky Mochaface. Because it is.