Statement or question, Subject. Statement… or question.

I cannot remember whether ive ever got around to actually writing this down, but just in case…

One of my favourite script fall-back moments in any television show, play, or film, is the moment when one character, wanting to impress a fact of great significance or moment of great dramatic importance upon another character. And the even better thing is that its a thing anyone can do. And, whats more that once you start doing, you cannot stop.

You just
1) say the thing you want to carry extra weight twice,
2) stating the persons same inbetween the two times, and,
3) the second time you say whatever it is, you say it slower, and with a sense of grim finality. And maybe a pause for extra effect.

Its as simple as that, Dear Reader. Its as simple… as that.

Honestly. Its the most fun you can have without alcohol. Or helium balloons. Or whatever it is you find fun.

You should try it.
And then try it a few times over. With things that dont even seem to merit the drama or the significance (Pass the salt, Graham. Pass. The salt., Im going to do some photocopying, Jack. Im going to do some PHOTOCOPYING.) And once you try it a few times, you will discover, quite soon, how hard it is to stop, and you will come back here, and you will leave me a comment, complaining about the fact that no one takes you seriously anymore, but its too damned fun not to do. And youll, without even meaning to, say it something like this:

I just cant stop, Anna. I just… Cant. Stop.