Run in circles, scream and shout

In answer to the question How about a ‘what would Anna do’ list to help the rest of us during those tough moments in life?, as asked by Invader Stu, in response to this post.

Oh, how My Beloved laughed when he saw this question. How together do they think you ARE? he gurgled, rather unfairly, as I, in response, burst into tears and burrowed under the nearest duvet.

Bursting into tears and burrowing into duvets is, by the way, number one with a bullet on the list of What would Anna do?. I am prepared to admit it doesnt actively help the situation very much, it does help by removing the problem to the other side of a duvet, and that can only be a good thing.

Baking is number two. And cooking in general. That is proper calming therapy. When Im particularly worried about things I end up with a stack of cakes and stews and soups and biscuits and sauces that no two people could possibly get through.

Daydreaming about having more money than the pope and more freedom than a bird and being able to be wherever I please and answer to no one. Thats another good thing to do.

None of these, however, are terribly practical.

I try other things. Repeating all will be well until I believe it, and trying to remember that everyone has their own motivations and needs, and that just because mine conflict with someone elses, it doesnt mean that mine are more important, and if things have to work out better for them this time, it is only so that things can take their proper course for me in the long term.

Having said that, I also have come to believe very strongly that if you find something you like doing, you work as hard as you possibly can at it until youre good enough that you get to do it pretty much all the time. Even if it means working literally all the time until you get there. And if you spot a door left ajar, you push on it to see whats behind it. And then not be upset if it closes again. Because thats just what doors do sometimes.

But those are the high ideals. Those are the things I believe and have to force myself to do. The things that are easier? The things like hiding under a duvet and making an enormous pan of caponata and some carrot muffins? Those are the ones I end up defaulting to.

Mainly the duvet thing.