Whats a word for bluer than the bluest blue?

In answer to the question What is your favourite sort of sky?, as asked by Pigwotflies, in response to this post.

It is too easy an answer to say blue, cloudless, and stretching from horizon to horizon, disappearing into the sea at at least one end… But, frankly, that is just the truth. That is the sky that (even thinking about it) makes me feel all peaceful and happy and like the world is filled with possibility. A low, heavy grey sky, and Im literally the polar opposite. Im basically a human barometer.

I like skies from the top, too, though – as I mentioned before Christmas, being above the clouds, looking down on an ocean of candyfloss while the sun shines, unfettered, above? Seeing that makes me feel lucky – to be alive, to be where I am, to be able to enjoy it: I feel lucky for it all. Every single time.

The sky at dawn – thats another.

And the sky over San Francisco, with its fast winds and fog flying off the top of mountains.

The sky over Brighton at dawn is good too – though I dont have as many pictures of that. But for the first two categories, I am grateful for my friend Heathers set of time-lapse videos of the dawn from the window of her apartment in San Francisco. My favourite is this one, all tiny fluffy clouds, blowing over the rooves of sleeping houses.

I like the sky, basically, pigwotflies. I like being able to see the sky. Little fluffy clouds, I am alright with.

It is the big, flat, sky-eating greyness I do not like.

That barely counts as a sky at all.