Because I like Bs

In answer to Berlin, Brussels or Budapest?

As asked by Tuuli, in this post, where I asked people for questions.

Tuuli, apparently noting that since I live in Brighton, and have previously visited many other places beginning with B, (Birmingham, Bruges, my Bed, other places beginning with B that I cant think of right now) I will almost certainly wish to visit more in the near future.

But which? Berln? Brussels? or Budapest?

To be honest, I was thinking about visiting Barcelona, but thats just not on the list. SO.


Berlin, Ive been to, and I like very much. I like walking around it, I wrote at the time about The Zoo and other bits, I like the feel of it, and the cafes and the museums and the difficult mixture of life-carrying-on and contrition-for-generations-past that run through a lot of the monuments and public art. Also I love German food.

Brussels? Well, I dont want to say Ive been to Bruges and therefore Ive done Belgium, but the thing is, right, I went to Bruges, yeah? And to be honest that was just enough beer, chocolate, lace and moules frites to last me a decade. And those are all lovely things. But the thing about Bruges was that it was wonderful if all you wore was lace, all you drank was beer (and that didnt turn out well on our weekend in Bruges) and all you ate were mussels for starters and chocolate breasts for pudding. But otherwise it got a bit much, quite quickly. And until someone tells me that Brussels offers a completely different, utterly unique and remarkable experience VERY DIFFERENT FROM BRUGES, then Im afraid Brussels and I are not to be.

I remain, meanwhile, an enormous fan of their sprouts.

They make good sprouts.

So yes. With Berlin done for now, Brussels crushed by Bruges and Barcelona not in the running, I think, of these three, I choose Budapest.

Should I go? When should I go? Whats there? Is it nice? Do they have Budapestian Sprouts?