I spy, with my little eye, something a bit like a pie

In answer to the question: What one thing can’t you quit but you know you really should…

(As asked by Emily in this post)

Hells TEETH, but I love pizza.

When I am tired, when I am stressed, when I am sad, when I am happy and just happen to be in the mood for a pizza, if someone puts a pizza in front of me, if someone just says the word pizza, I will almost inevitably fancy a pizza.

I wont always have one, of course. If I had pizza every time I wanted one, I would be 47 times the size I am now. And Im not exactly tiny now.

The crispiness and hard bubbles along the edge of a good super-thin crust, a proper tomato sauce, not too much mozzarella, but good mozzarella, fresh basil, and only a couple of simple toppings. Spicy salami and peperoncini, if you are me. And I am.

And this is why I should, in all reasonableness, give up pizza. Im always trying to be fitter, healthier, thinner, and, frankly, there is no Pepperoni Pizza Plan in any diet book Ive ever seen. Because its just not good for you.

But damnit, its so good.

So this is why I wont be giving up pizza. Cant bear to, shouldnt even joke about doing so, its too horrible.

No, instead, I have to do the only thing Ive found is a good substitute for giving something up – seek out the one that every other will pale in comparison to, spend enough money a couple of times to develop a taste for the very best kind of something, and then not want to eat another pizza unless it is that one, or better than that one.

Good plan, eh?

(Actually, frankly speaking, and between us, it is not that good a plan. Because you have to taste all the other pizzas along the way to check, but at least you therefore only try those once, right?)

So yes. Its pizza.

Well, that and alcohol. And wanting to be where I am not. And being scared of money. And doing myself down. And smoking (in winter, while drunk, or when stressed). And oh good garden seats, there are about forty-seven things I should give up.

But the first one – and the main one, and first one that I wont be giving up out of all of them – is pizza.

Possibly just coincidence, but, you know? I really fancy a pizza right now. Whos in?