A bit brain-stuck: please send help, and brain-grease.

So I was making a list of things to write about last night, and then discovered I was going round in circles

If anyone has a question, you could put it in the comments, so I could answer each in a separate post?

No more than two questions per person? (Of which I might only answer one). They dont have to be ABOUT ME, either, at all, really. Just anything. On as random or as diverse a topic as you might like. Or not-a-question. Just a title. Whatever, really.

I cant promise to do them quickly, but if it gives me something to do in my not-work moments this week, restarts my brain a bit and means that I can write on this here blog of mine, I would be very happy and grateful.

SO. Anyone?

Questions? Titles? Thoughts to riff on? Words? Requests? Or, basically, Questions?
Any questions?