Napping: The rules

Napping is one of the greatest things ever invented. It is an unarguable fact. It is a ritual, an almost sacred act, and a tradition that I have believed strongly in ever since my teenage years.

Saturday afternoon napping. Post-Sunday-Brunch napping. Weekday napping. Napping hidden in the basement of a post-university job once I clearly wasnt throwing my heart into. Pre-big-night-out napping. Post-nap napping. There is very rarely such thing as a bad nap, frankly.

(And yes, I do realise that friends with, and readers with, kids will probably be hating me for my self-indulgent nappability already. I cant apologise. I love napping too much. It would feel like I was cheating on napping.)

It has come to my attention that some people disagree on the rules surrounding the nap.

For instance,

1) it has been suggested to me on more than one occasion that a nap is only a nap if it takes place on a sofa. Which is untenable, as I cant sleep anywhere but a bed (well, a bed and/or the basement storage area of that workplace in Manchester that should probably go unnamed, in case they want some of their pay back).

2) Others say that a nap more than half an hour long is, strictly speaking, a whole other nights sleep. Which just isnt trying hard enough. AND makes me worry about how much sleep they get during an actual sleepytime.

3) Timings of naps. I mean, I personally have a rule that no nap can start after 4pm, or cross over into sundown once it has started (but lets face it, thats because if I had my way – in the winter – I would happily sleep through about 20 hours a day from now until April) but if a nap is required and it happens to fall outside those boundaries, there is really nothing I can do but give into the nap.

Because really, the best thing about napping is that there are really no rules. And if there ARE rules, naps break them all. Sleeping? In the day?!? What kind of anarchy is this? What is the world coming to, etc

The best kind, I say. The very best kind of anarchy there is. The kind you can do while sleeping.