Bad days, good days. And so it goes.

Yesterday, as I may have mentioned, was a bad day. Today, however, was a much better day.

And so it goes.

I cannot speak for tomorrow, but I will find out when I get there.

I should have some resolutions, though. I know it seems silly to some, tying all your willpower to an arbitrary date – so I won’t do that. Regardless, the days are getting longer, the sky will clear a little at a time, and it is very much the best time for me to think about things I will do this year, at some point, and can work towards.

In the knowledge that fixing things as absolutes is almost certainly the surest way to fail, I will therefore simply group the things I have been thinking about into broad categories: THINGS. STUFF. OTHER. PROSE, CONS, RANDOM and YES.


For a while I’ve been meaning to do a series on this blog here – which is, and has always been, a matter of things mainly personal, and will be ten years old this coming year – about the little objects I carry around with me from house to house. Just because (not to be morbid), I am aware that if I suddenly wasn’t here anymore, and someone came into my house, they would have absolutely no idea why I held onto some things over others, or have a sense of what they meant. And they do have stories. Not great, world-changing, important stories, but their own stories, and I like that.

Also, once I’ve told the stories and realise which ones are more important to me than others, it might be easier to get rid of a bit more stuff. Which is a generally good aim for people who will be moving again before another six months have passed.


I need to get rid of more of my stuff, and save a lot more money. Part one of this plan, in the shape of a spending ban, is already in place. I will mainly, then, be aiming to get rid of stuff by using things until they are all used up. Not buying clothes when there are clothes I could wear, not buying books when I have piles of books unread, not buying three new notebooks (one of my worst whims) when I have thirty at home with only the first five pages used. And not picking up a basket in the shop if I’m ‘just popping in for a couple of things’ so I don’t end up picking up extra, not getting carrier bags, all of that. Make it so.


I need to exercise. That’s not just the general post-Christmas lament, it’s the realisation I’ve come to over the last couple of years that when I exercise, my mood improves considerably, my sleep improves exponentially, my energy and enthusiasm for work expand, and I treat myself with more respect.

I also, however, know that the longer I don’t exercise, the harder I find it to restart, and the more grief I give myself about everything in the meantime, including beating myself up about being lazy to the point that even beginning exercise seems ultimately pointless and therefore never happens. So I just pull my socks up, sort it out, and just go and do it. So I will. Going back to bootcamp is not financially viable this next couple of months, but after that? Almost certainly.

Also our next scheduled visit to San Francisco is being timed to coincide with the Bay to Breakers race, so that’s something to aim for.


I hereby resolve to write almost exactly the same number of books this year as I have every other year . I mean, if pushed, I could try and stretch to ‘one’, but I really don’t think that’s for me. Not this year. Actually, my aim this year is more to expand the various interesting avenues of writing creatively that I’ve somehow found myself wandering along. And to experiment with how to continue doing them consecutively. Since 80% of the contract work I do at the moment is from home, and since I sometimes have huge difficulty focussing on one thing at a time, I may make myself a different hat for each current project. It almost certainly won’t help, but it will be a brilliant piece of procrastination.

Still, as I’m now, it seems, working in the games industry, advertising, and little bits of semi-journalism, doing really good, fun things in all three, I’d like to continue doing those, and do them all a bit more. There’s a couple of personal projects to be getting on with – this blog, reviving tellywonk, and finally finding time to gather together all the Snailr material. I think that should keep me going.

Going, actually, looking over that list, until my fingers fall off.

Good. That is how I like it.


I will be attempting not to become a convicted criminal this year (like all other years, obviously) and to that extent should probably sort out my bloody taxes. I will also endevour not to go to prison for anything else, while I am about it.


I will eat nice things, and cook them. All. Some of them I will cook and eat for other people. And see people in other situations, and do other stuff with them. I was thinking of a film club, I think. I mean, I want to have a bad movie club where I can screen all my favourite very bad movies, but I can’t do that until I have a television (or something) for people to watch it on. But I also want to get together with people and talk about films. Or books, but I’m terrible at making time for reading. Clubs though, definitely, that is the way forward. Not in the loud banging music, sense. In the ’in your thirties, sitting around with a glass of wine discussing middle class pursuits’ kind of way. Obviously. Seeing more friends, and answering more emails.


I have no idea what I was going to put in this section. In retrospect, I possibly should have thought out the contents before the titles. Still though, YES. It’s as good a thing as any to say for the year.

(Also: I’m going to win the lottery, lose 20lb in the next two weeks, and become a Much Better Person, and give up anything bad for me, and take up everything good for me. Just like everyone else.)