Top tens of 10, no. 4 – locations

In which I present my top ten top tens of 2010.

Top ten favourite places of 2010

My Bed.
On top of a hill, looking down at the city of San Francisco.
Brighton seafront at dawn.
Waking up on a train, riding through misty forests in the Pacific Northwest.
A kayak in the middle of a bay filled with phosphorescent critters.
The bear feeding enclosure at San Francisco.
On a plane, high above the clouds, at night, looking at the northern lights play above the arctic circle.
On a plane, above the clouds, looking at the sun hitting the pacific.
On another plane, a tiny one, taking eleventy squillion pictures of a city. I should really consider pilotry.
The floor of my friends house, while being hugged by small boys.
A spectacularly pretty fjord in Norway.
My favourite cafe in Brighton, and the fact they still have the same menu.
Actually quite a lot of other places. Ten is a stupid number anyway.
A ferry.
A photo booth in portland, oregon.
Coit tower.
My sofa, under cats.